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Leadership Development

In any business, large or small, the capability of managers is critical to success. Good managers not only contribute towards the achievement of goals, but in the process also attract, develop, and thereby retain the best staff, essential to a healthy organisation in a competitive market. I can support your management and leadership development in many ways, from the analysis and assessment stage through to delivery, depending upon your needs, and work alongside your internal resources. I undertake work with individuals and groups in the following areas:

  • Management assessment, including diagnostic tools, 360 feedback and personal development planning (PDPs)
  • Designing and/or running leadership development programmes at all levels, from first line to senior management
  • Coaching for individual managers for personal development, career development, and performance
  • Team leadership and team development workshops
  • Facilitation
  • Use of psychometrics, feedback and reporting for assessment or development, including aptitude, personality, motivation etc.

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