Talent management

talent management

Talent management


Talent Management

Even small businesses think globally in today’s world, and perpetual change is probably the most familiar constant. Talent management within the developing organisation is part of future-proofing as well as making the most of available resources. Often organisations welcome an outside perspective to help them to move forward by bringing in new ideas and asking questions. There are several areas in which I can provide support to your talent management strategy, whatever your size, scope or market, for example:

  • Help with developing and implementing organisation-wide processes, such as performance management, competency frameworks and succession reviews  
  • Working with specific groups or teams, facilitating events, planning meetings or away-days, not only to help shape goals but also to help the team to grow and develop together.
  • Facilitating the people aspects of change, providing a focus on cultural and communication issues, and helping to develop a change plan.
  • Providing assessment and development centres to identify and develop talent, designing and running events, using internal or external assessors and exercises tailored to the organisation

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